Annual Reports

Does the PDF need to be accessible?


For PDF accessibility assistance, please consider these resources:

Additionally, you may contact the Creative & Web Studio (CWS) for a project estimate. Email Mary Van Damme at

Or, contact outside vendors for assistance

Should the report be available on a unit’s website?


Add accessible annual report content to a (new) page on your current website with accessible PDF available for download.

Provide link to the new page on the Annual Report Roster and Tracking document.

Do I have to use the template provided by IU Studios?

No, as long as your report is created within the IU brand guidelines.

If you hire the Creative & Web Studio (CWS) to produce your report, we will use the IU Brand annual report template.

Access the downloadable template on this page or on the brand website.

How much will it cost for CWS to create our annual report?

Please contact Mary Van Damme in the Creative & Web Studio at to inquire.

We’re here to help. If you need additional assistance, let’s get started: