Our work is teamwork

Every project is a team effort, and you are part of that team.

Large format for large ideas

Graphics that are big, bold, and attractive to people traveling from point A to point B are increasingly popular requests. Our large-format work has appeared on billboards, airport banners, and the walls of some of our favorite buildings.

A billboard for the Roar campaign features an IUPUI male basketball player and the Horizon League logo
Wall graphics depict a map of the world, a map of Indiana, the IU trident, the words 'Indiana University,' the headline 'Knowledge that works everywhere,' '18 academic and medical education campuses across the state,' and '16+ active chapters and groups serving 700,000 living alumni around the world.'
An Indiana University School of Optometry wall graphic depicts a person seated at a phoropter, an instrument used in eye exams

Preserving our digital campuses

Our digital campuses are the gateway to our physical campuses. We apply the disciplines and lessons from physical beauty (design, structure, sustainability) to our digital spaces for a seamless experience.

Three mobile screen views of websites. First, the IU School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering home page displays students in Luddy Hall along with the words 'We Connect Tomorrow' and 'The future is all around us.' Second, a web page from the One Day/One Hoosier news series ('Every Indiana University student has a story. Experience a day in the life of a Hoosier') shows student Jaden Amos. Third, the IUPUI 50th anniversary website home page celebrates 'the past, present, and future of IUPUI' and depicts administrators at graduation and administrators at a groundbreaking ceremony.
A desktop view of the IU School of Optometry website home page shows a patient with the words 'Education that changes lives,' an optometrist with the words 'Research that changes the future,' and an optometrist and patient during an exam with the words 'Eye care in Bloomington and Indianapolis.'

Keeping print alive and thriving

Paper has a special place in our hearts: illustrious viewbooks, clever direct mail pieces, and keepsake event programs are just a few of our specialities.

A spread from a brochure for employers shows the IU Kelley School of Business Godfrey Graduate and Executive Education Center, with the words 'At Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, we help our graduate students find, prepare for, and excel in careers that are right for them—and we help you find Kelley graduate students and alumni who are right for your company.' The guidebook, 'Hiring Kelley Talent: a Quest' is tucked into a slot in the brochure.
On a portion of a bandana designed for the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences, 'Not every path is straight and narrow' appears in handwritten letters
A spread from the IU Kokomo viewbook shows the inside of the embossed cover and students with the words 'Dream big. Reach high' and 'Go anywhere' on the first page.

Description of the video:

[Video: The song “White Tuxedo” by Addie Hamilton begins in the background]

[Video: A young Mark Cuban drives in his packed car.]

[Video: The car passes an “Indiana University” sign.]

[Video: Mark pulls into campus.]

[Video: Mark hands out flyers to students on campus.]

[Video: Mark cheers at an IU basketball game.]

[Video: A young Will Shortz plays table tennis.]

[Video: Will hangs up various crossword puzzles he has made.]

[Video: A woman puts on mascara.]

[Video: A woman straightens her hair.]

[Video: A woman shaves her head.]

[Video: The hair falls onto the woman’s lap.]

[Video: The woman smiles with her new look.]

[Video: Sage Steele practices speaking into a microphone while watching sports as a child.]

[Video: Sage counts down to action at the television station in college.]

[Video: Sage raises her hand in class.]

[Video: A young Michael Uslan organizes his comic book collection in his dorm room.]

[Video: Michael points to a “Mythology and Folklore Seminar” sign on campus.]

[Video: Michael teaches a class on folklore.]

[Video: Three students walk through campus.]

[Video: Students dance the night away on a rooftop in downtown Indianapolis.]

[Video: Students chat at a restaurant.]

[Video: A group of students linked arm and arm and laugh with each other as they walk.]

[Video: A group of bikers bike along a park trail.]

[Video: Students compete in the Little 500 bike race.]

[Video: A crash occurs in the Little 500 race.]

[Video: A person puts on virtual reality goggles.]

[Video: The person learns how to use the goggles with the help of other students guiding her.]

[Video: Students help lead at a high ropes course.]

[Video: Students look up at the high ropes course in their helmets.]

[Video: Students adjust the ropes at the course.]

[Video: A person in a wheelchair smiles as she is lifted into the air at the ropes course.]

[Video: The person is able to zipline at the course in her wheelchair.]

[Video: Two students study together on campus.]

[Video: Student researchers experiment with fire.]

[Video: Camera shoots the White River Canal and the Indianapolis skyline.]

[Video: Student overlooks the Indianapolis skyline.]

[Video: Student driver and pit crew prepare their Grand Prix race car.]

[Video: Person adjusts data on a laptop while driver watches.]

[Video: Person flips large switch.]

[Video: Driver speeds away on the track in his Grand Prix race car.]

[Video: Student demonstrates findings on a large screen to another student.]

[Video: Two medical professionals walk together in the office.]

[Video: A young Ailyn Pérez practices singing with vocal coaches.]

[Video: Ailyn works backstage.]

[Video: Ailyn sings onstage in an opera.]

[Video: The camera zooms in to IU’s Sample Gates.]

[Video: The camera pans over the Global and International Studies building at IU.]

[Video: The camera pans over all of IU’s campus.]

[Video: A person jumps out of a plane.]

[Words appear: Woah…]

[Video: The camera pans over the Indianapolis skyline at dusk.]

[Video: The camera pans over the Showalter Fountain.]

[Video: Students race at IUPUI’s Regatta on the White River Canal.]

[Video: The camera shows an empty Memorial Stadium from an end zone.]

[Video: IU football players charge into Memorial Stadium while touching Hep’s Rock.]

Video: IU football players play in a game at home.]

[Video: IU football players lift up the Oaken Bucket trophy in celebration.]

[Video: Graduates gather at the sample Gates for a photo in their caps and gowns.]

[Video: A diver dives off the diving board into the pool.]

[Video: A person plays the violin.]

[Video: A student celebrates a good grade.]

[Video: Students laugh together at the Showalter Fountain.]

[Video: A person falls off a paddle board at Lake Monroe while her friend tries to help her.]

[Video: Students paint their faces to show IU spirit.]

[Video: An IU basketball player slam dunks the basketball.]

[Video: Students in Assembly Hall cheer in celebration]

[Words appear: Indiana University]

[Words appear: Fulfilling the promise]

[Words appear: communications.iu.edu]

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